Your data

The company holds personal data relating to your name/address and contact details on the Accountancy package, as required for invoicing, and are shared with Courier companies if applicable for delivery.
Contact details are stored securely in the company offices and will not be passed on to any third parties, other than for delivery purposes. It is used purely for internal legal compliance and administration of company income. Contact details are kept for issues which may arise relating to your order, and which may require your intervention.

Personal data is destroyed immediately upon cessation of a trading relationship and full settlement of fees.

Credit card/payment information is processed using eitherPayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., or Stripe Payments Europe Limited, and only the last 4 digits are recorded for internal purposes.

Accountability and management

The management are responsible for the personal data held and used by the Company. GDPR guidelines are adhered to and followed with regards to the processing, control and storage of data. Internet security is maintained at the highest level and security is taken very seriously by the company.

Data protection awareness training is provided to all relevant staff.
Should any suspicion arise with regards to data held, the Company will report any possible data breaches involving personal data to the local authority and to the people (data subjects) involved There is a contract in place with any data processors that the company shares data with (ie The company solicitors)

New rights

Customers can request access to their personal information by prior appointment
Customers can easily update their own personal information to keep it accurate, in writing to the office.
The Company automatically deletes data that the business no longer has any use for
Customers can easily request deletion of their personal data not otherwise required for Accounting purposes nor emergency contact.
Customers can easily request that their data be delivered to themselves or a 3rd party


The Company shall ask for consent when it starts processing a person’s information
Customers may withdraw consent at any time


The Company regularly reviews policies for changes, effectiveness, changes in handling of data and recording/security of data