Long before humans had figured out beer, we learned that you can make a mighty fine drink in the form of Mead! Mead was the drink of ancient Greek gods, Asian hunter-gatherers, and Celtic berserkers. It’s also the secret behind some of the best cocktails on the market.

There’s now more ways to enjoy Cornish Mead with our cocktail collection developed with our master mixologist, Maurizio Laudato. Shaken, stirred or straight up, Mead mixology is creating a buzz. From Shoreditch to St Ives, Mead is considered by those in the know as the hipsters hot new brew.

So, whether you’re looking for refreshing cocktail ideas to sip in the sunshine or a devilish delight to kickstart a night out we’ve got cocktails for all occasions. Mead can be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you. Find your flavour and try a Mead cocktail today!

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