Cornish Mead Wine

Cornish Mead Wine

Mead and fruit wines available from the Cornish Mead Company are produced to a recipe reviving the ancient art of mead-making, preserved for centuries in the monasteries of Old England. The Company has been making mead in Cornwall since 1959. (tel: 01736 363942)

After over 50 years in production, we are launching a radical new design of bottle early in 2011. We have employed Gendall Design, a top Cornish design company, to create a new image to go with our change of bottle, initially in the 75cl range only. The new designs are innovative and eye catching and we hope you like them. Of course, the contents remains the same unique product we have produced for over 50 years!

Mead itself, a traditional honey-flavoured wine, is available in two styles. Cornish Mead Wine at 14% ABV and Cornish Mead Luqueur at 17% ABV. The fruit wines, of which blackberry is the most popular, followed by elderberry, strawberry, peach, apricot and cherry flavours, are all at 17% ABV.

Cornish Mead has been renowned for years as The Honeymoon Drink‚ and more recently the Company has registered the trademark Love Potion. This consists of the full strength mead wine served with ice and lemonade.

The Cornish Mead Company provides a full delivery service to our trade customers throughout Cornwall and Devon. Please contact us for a price list and further details. For delivery outside these areas, we offer a mail order service, direct to your door. We can deliver three 75cl bottles of mead wine at a cost of £37.14 for Cornish Mead, or £40.80 for Cornish Liqueur Mead or any flavour fruit wine. If you would like to order our product in any larger quantities, please contact us for an individual quote.

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